The reasons for black friday

Black Friday was first used in 1869 by two investors who drove up the price of gold and caused a stock market crash
Black friday become profitable on the huge shopping day and go into the black.
most people know black friday as the day after Thanksgiving,when stores open early and offer various sales and most stores are often in the black (profitable) for that day.

Experience days are set to be discounted on Black Friday. Here’s where you’ll be able to find the best offer
If you’re shopping for someone who’s trickier than most to buy for, experience days open up a whole avenue of alternative gift ideas for you to explore.

 In 2016, 137 million ,102 million in 2015 and most people went online since stores put their best deals on their websites.
Online sales for wednesday through black friday was 26.4 percent estimated Adobe Systems and in 2017 online sales were up 18 percent.
 In 2016 indicates an increase in search terms such as “deal”, “discount” and “sales” during that period. “Deal” and “discount” were more searched for during Black Friday.

13th to 28th November 2016 the previous two weeks, there was a 74% increase in TV spends, and increased radio (+62%) and press (+31%) output, indicating brands focused spend prior and during the event last year.

Growth is especially true for Amazon, who spent almost £6.1m (+305%) more in 2016 vs. 2012. They also saw 30 million more visits on their website in 2016 than in 2015 according to Hitwise.
 Black Friday phenomenon growing bigger every year and the majority of purchases reportedly happening on mobile devices, there is a real opportunity for brands to use TV as part of their media strategy to reach audiences often multi-screening when viewing the box.




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