Global Journalism Ethics

Journalism is an ethical questions?
In the book of global journalism ethics: widening the conceptual base , the main part that catch my attention ” journalism is an ethical questions? The ethics of journalism is to have a good culture and  be discipline .
The purpose of journalism is to have a good ethics behavior in a global world major in their  work I was especially moved by “ Journalism must have a good conduct and responsible practice in the aspect of their work.

Ethic is applied the study of principle for such domains as corporate governance ( Dimock and Tucker 2004) In my own opinion ethics is a rule and regulation everyone must have.  I always feel ethics is the rule every journalism must applied to in their respectively work.
In the question about ethical journalism , the write up said journalism is the watchdog ( surveillance ) to the citizen and the aim to disseminate information and interpret , the aspect was very clear to me because it tells the functions of journalism in the society.
In the history of journalism ethic which was divided into five stages: In the third stage which talk about fourth estate by ( siebert 1956) says in the  eighteenth and nineteenth centuries “ the hope of liberalism was that a press “ made” free would serve a public , I did not understand what the author is trying to say , I feel it should be “ we have the hope of having the freedom of press”.
what journalism is and what journalism are for? ( Rosen 1999) that’s a very concluding part for the fourth stage of the history of journalism ethics because it has really explain the questions and it catch my attention.
The critical theories of journalism also explain the discipline of journalism ethics. And this particular question get me move “ what are some implication of these critical theories for journalism ethics? And it gives a very clarification explaining about the African tradition , the Indian and eastern ethical system.
“ Go Global” the discussion really explain the conceptual of journalism ethics and also to have a knowledge about the new media.
the impact of the globalization of journalism on ethics also explain the various of journalism that server the reader and  local newspaper and news broadcast  or the citizen of the country . The author really explain the main concept of journalism and ethics to the citizen, this draw my attention “ what would a global ethics look like? The author conclude  “ whiter journalism ethics?
The author   gives a clear explanation on“ Ethic in journalism in a global world.

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Global Journalism Ethics: Widening the Conceptual Base Stephen J. A. Ward University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

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