Gender Discrimination on Educating the Female Child

The main biological difference between boys and girls can create different needs and capacities for each.  Gender equality should not be determined by who wants, who decides, who has power and even who gets an education or not. In the societies, boys are seen as the ones who should be educated, while girls are not.
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund states, girls and boys should enjoy the same right, resources, protections and opportunities . Gender inequality arises when one group in a society is seen as having more power, or rights than other.
In 2009, around 35 million girls were out of school compared to 31 million boys. The girls continue to lag behind boys in many areas of the world, in terms of access to education, completion of education and acquisition of basic skills. The global partnership for education has ensured all girls and boys enjoy equal educational opportunities. Also, keeping girls in school could help ensure their safety, which will result in becoming a good support system to their environment, their families and their societies.
The girl child should be given a proper education. Eventually, they could help improve health care, improve basic hygiene, empower societies, reduce poverty and reduce the population explosion and fight high rate of infant and mortality rate.
The discrimination of a child should not be determined by who is more successful but both should be treated equally and have the same educational standard and privilege.


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