Mental Health in our Society.

Everyone lives with a threat to our mental health.  Many of us face the challenges that test us and put our mental health at risk. In cases for some it can be stress of care giving, divorce, losing of jobs, losing loved one, cancer or hypertension,  addiction of drugs or alcohol , illness like depression, natural disaster, domestic value.
  These has affect each of us and our society, and this issue has a large public health and economic concern in the country.
The World Health Organization ( WHO) states, for all of us, our mental, physical and social health are interdependent.
In the society today, people suffering from chronic diseases and depression have a greater risk of committing suicide.
In every stage of our life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood our mental health matter most, because it includes our emotional, social well being and psychological. Mental health handle every part of our system , how will think, feel, act, behave, and make choice.
In our society , mental health has increased dramatically, 450 million people currently suffer from condition, placing mental disorders among the leading cause of ill health and disability
A good health care   can  deal better with what comes our way, at home, at work, in life and we can function well in our daily lives.


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