Should Women be in Power?

The ability to be a great leader should not be determined by gender equality . A leadership should be depend on their individual strengths and personality traits. In many cases , women are not encourages to take a leadership role as often as their male counterpart.
women should be supported in any politics , business or community advocacy , but in majority of countries women has never been given the chanced to rule.

. Women face countless challenges in politics.  They are judged by how they look and how they are dressed, more than their ideas.  And when they  express their views and opinions, they are held to a much higher standard than men.

According to Antonio Guterres ,United Nations Secretary- General , gender equality is a question of power. We still live in a male dominated world and in a male dominated culture. Gender equality is a fundamental tool , when women have equal opportunity at work productivity advance then they are excluded everyone pays a price.

This question has been asked why do men hold more power than women today? Why does gender inequality persist? The explanation is so often : its just the way its always been. That’s simply not good enough . In the ambivalent about women and power , it has been suggest that women are more suitable to be regard “ unlikable or “untrustworthy if they are perceived to be powerful , brash, or openly ambitious traits they will been  seen as management material in men.


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