Journalism in a Digital Age

     The author has seen “defining moment has the variety that lie ahead of journalism , and which he simply put “ the way in which story or event has defined a specific medium or brand name.
It gives a defining moment in print journalism, radio news, and television news ,and make it very understanding for the reader.
     What is Agenda setting ? In which Max McCombs and Donald shows argued that individual media do not determined “ what one think, but what to think about.
  In my own view “ it is saying it is not the way media think but the way we individual read, listen, and interpret the news.
   A.J Leibling says” freedom of the press as belonging to those who own one.  In my own opinion , I think “ Freedom of the press  belong to everyone.
  Roper Starch 1998 says “ when giving a clearly explanation about how people view there news , “ Television was the top of source for News, Its very correct in my own opinion because people      like to see and read things on the screen than reading from newspaper.
 I found this right “ The habit of picking up the daily newspaper religiously is found only among those over fifty. “ Network television news is joining  newspaper as a medium for older citizen.
  Micheal  Kolowich  “ he believes individual turns to online service for a variety of reasons. The concept is true because we are in a digital era in which people do things online .
  Newspaper generally do a relatively good job fulfilling this requirement, where as radio and television do not provide enough specific information. To me I feel it depends on the time of the News or information you want to hear because both gives the same information.

Mr. Gate “ News is the day by day report of events and personalities come in variety, what should be presented , as much as possible in variety for a balanced diet.
I accept “ News is a day by day report, but in my own opinion , its is a daily report that must be current and interesting for people.
  The author has clearly explain the digital age in journalism by giving the “ Defining moment” and gives the agenda setting of the news, online journalism, magazine, and likely others.
 A key to aspect to setting agenda is survival , simply put how will new media operations makes money?


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