Say No To Molestation

Molestation is likely to happen everyday and it  last for a long time. molestation occur before or after the onset puberty. Molestation is not only occur on a female child but can also be on a male child or anyone at the puberty age .
According to Marshall, Serran, and Cortoni 2000 . Molestation can be abused by someone within their immediate or extended family. It can be from stepparent , step sibling, cousin, or parent.
A story has been reported about molestation cases especially on a female child . Reporter have found out that 36% of child molesters had intercourse with their child and it likely to occur when the victims were aged 10 years or older.
A statistic poll has been found that 27% of women and 16% of men had been molested when they were children. Molestation can be a scar that effect oneself . people believe molestation is done by a stranger and put the greatest threat and dutifully warn on their children , but majority of molesters are well known to the victim and they are relatives.
According to a victim, Ruby 62 years old,  who stayed in north London shared her story of how she was molested at the age of five and at ten she was raped regularly until she become pregnant at the age of 13. she never know about sex education , she went to underwent an abortion.
she said ” Having been forced to accepted the unacceptable and living it for so long , she was alone, being vulnerable and homeless.
Ruby had only find a therapy after a five years , and has a bright student in school with talent for writing, she was drawn to the written word to share her story about ” Molestation”.


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