Sexual Abuse in a Child

Sexual abuse is being forced into sexual activity for the pleasure of the perpetrator , another word for sexual is rape! sexual abuse has been a big issue in our society, especially child abuse. No sexual is better than the other, but if a child is being abuse is the worst of them all. Well because they are still young mentally and also their body is still developing and sexual abuse on a child can give them a scar of life.

          As 93 percent of a child under the age of 18 has fall a victim of sexual abuse. A perpetrator does not have to be an adult to harm a child. They can have any relationship to the child be an older sibling or playmate, teacher, coach, instruct, caretaker, family member or parent of another child.

      A child can be abuse forcefully, they might not understand what is happening or wrong because they are being abused sexually and they might be afraid to tell someone. sexually abuse can take place anywhere it can occur at home, school, it can happen in person or online.

   Sexual abuse can lead to mental health and peer pressure in the victim. A person shouldn’t be forced into another sexual craving and in most cases the perpetrators becomes violent with the victim.

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund ( UNICEF) has reported so many cases on child being abuse and going through violence.

The UNICEF statistics reveal that children experience violence across all stages of childhood, in diverse settings and often at the hands of the trusted individuals with whom they interact on a daily basis. The violence takes place in everyday places and is done by familiar faces.


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