Is School Really a Scam?

Every day 1.5 billion children and adolescents around the world go to the building called schools. They spend a long hours to acquired knowledge on how to write and read.
A large effort made on the student to have a great future, it has been seen  as a waste because educating student in today’s world as resulted to a pathetic situation.
     According to Emmanuel Abatan, A graduate student of Nigeria Institute of Journalism, Ogba Lagos, Nigeria.
     Education has failed from its obligation . people go to school to study with the expectation of    earning a better job. its so painful that after your hard labor in school, people who are less educated than you has a stronger connection get employed.
 School has really failed a lot of generation, family and human. A lot of people who didn’t go to  school is making it more than graduate .  
In this our generations people focus more on entertainment than education because they believes making use of their talents will gives opportunity to be successful.
He said “ 90% of students who are sent to school are only doing that because they want to make there parents happy not because they actually want to learn for there selves.
people has seen education has a priority in life but its just a guideline to some, on how to have knowledge and understanding ,and it has helped some in a way or the other.
To those who make it in life with education is not seen has a scam to them but everyone has a different view. Is school a scam to you?


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