Social Media Bill in Nigeria

The freedom of expression is protected by section 39(1) and (2) of the 1999 constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria. Subsection provides that “ every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression , including freedom to hold and receives and impart ideas and information without interference.
In Nigeria’s constitution, International and African human rights law, protect the right to freedom of expression and provide that any restriction to the right must be justifiable in a democratic society.
The “ Hate speech Bill” and Social Media Bill” are a major thing going on in Nigeria . The hate speech is called “ prohibited of Hate speech Bill is being championed by senator Sabi Abdullahi and it was tagged “ Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill and it was led by Senator Mohammed Sani Musa.
On the 20th  November,2019 a bill was passed that anyone found guilty of violating the social media bill will pay a fine of three hundred  thousand while corporate bodies will pay a fine of ten million .
The Nigeria president ,Mohammed Buhari said, if it becomes law, it would empower the authorities to shut down the internet in order to silence voices on social media.
Nigeria youth has voiced out during the campaign that, the president promised the heads of major media organization during the  2015 presidency campaign that he will hold the constitution and maintain “ respect for the media , respect for the right for free expression and freedom of speech.
On November 16, Prof Wole Soyinka said, In this 21st century , we believe the internet access has given many the opportunity to express and communication their feelings with the government and he advised the lawmakers not to impress murder as a way of life for oncoming generations.


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