Lebanon: What’s Happening?

It all started on the 17th of October when the government decided to add taxes on WhatsApp calls. The Lebanese took actions and went down the streets to protest. The taxes on WhatsApp calls isn’t the only reason, but also how the government is struggling to supply the basic needs for people such as clean water, electricity, health care, jobs, and education.

It’s the largest movement that happened in Lebanon since its independence in 1943. More than a million people from every religious group and class were all united, and they all had the same goal which was shutting down the government. The Lebanese flags were everywhere, and the Lebanese anthem echoed through the country. The protesters had a serious aim, but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be any fun in the protests. Protesters had DG in their revolution, they sang, and danced along with demanding their rights.

 People recited in Arabic “All of them means all of them” referring to all the politicians, they wanted a new political system where there was no corruption. On the 21st of October, the government sat down together and came up with a reform paper that Saad Al Hariri, Lebanese prime minister, announced on TV, but the protestors didn’t agree and they insisted on wanting to shut down all the government, starting from the president to the speaker of the cabinet. After almost two weeks of this revolution, Saad Al Harriri finally decides to resign, saying he reached a “dead end” trying to find a solution. And now, everyone is waiting to see what’s next?




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