More Connected, yet More Alone

Technology is supposed to connect people. As its easier and cheaper to text or call anyone, anytime. Yet when one’s get extra attached to their mobile phones, technology and social media isolates them from the real(outer) world without even realizing, and it makes them more alone.

Technology negatively influences people social interactions. Instead of hanging out with their friends and communicating with them face to face, they tend to text them. And when hanging out with them at least there is one person on his/her phone all the time and the others keep checking their phone every five minutes just to check how many likes or comments they’ve got on their last picture to know if they are pretty enough or not, checking how many messages they got to know if somebody cares about them. And the saddest of all are the people who keep comparing their lives to others, and the ones who document moments only, forgetting to live it and enjoy it. Research has shown that people who have lots of friends tend to be happier, healthier and they live longer than the ones who don’t have many or any friends in real life.

 Moreover, one’s can’t replace real-life friends with social media friends, and can’t ignore the importance of socializing and building relations with people aside of mobile phones and screens. Being lonely is an important issue that can’t be ignored. A research reveals that being lonely is even more dangerous to one’s health than being overweight. Loneliness can increase one’s risk of dying by 26%. And to escape feeling lonely and friendless, many people build friendships through the internet as its easier, they are less shy, and they can pretend to be someone they are not. However, the problem is these communications are usually virtual, and they may cause psychological problems at the long term.


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