The Power of Poetry

Poetry is undefined. Every person is a poem in someone’s eyes, every person is a poet if he/she allow themselves to be. It’s really astounding how you can be lost inside your own head and feelings, then open a poetry site and find a stranger who is sharing the same feeling like you or expressing your own thoughts better than you. You’re never alone, at least there is one person who can relate to whatever you’re going through. Poetry teaches us patience as we write and rewrite till we reach our goal or by reading and rereading to understand a poem. In addition, poetry triggers our emotions, strengthen our brains, and helps us in expressing ourselves. For example, Sarah Kay, an American poet who is famous for her spoken word poetry says that she writes poetry as a way to work through things she doesn’t understand, and she wants her students to use spoken word to “rediscover wonder, to fight their instincts to be cool and unfazed.” Moreover, during war times, poems were read to soldiers to help calm them down from their traumas, and till now poetry is still used as a form of therapy. All in all; “The true meaning of life lies in how the poetry you read and write makes you feel.”.


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