The Result of Human Trafficking.

The increase of human trafficking in the countries over the past decade over trafficking of girls,and women for forced on domestic servitude and sex work, were sole focus of advocacy.
It is recognized that men, women and children are trafficked into many forms of vulnerable and hard labor to a range of occupational health risks.
 The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) news reported four people that are held in north east England  for suspicion on human trafficking.
United state review that 24.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide. It is something that happen every corner of the Earth around the world daily.
Human trafficking is a big International crime industries and report has been made from International Labor Organization that forced generate 150 billion in illegal profit per year. The money comes from sexual exploitation, domestic work, child labor, agriculture and some activities related .

Maria Grazia Giammarinaro , the United Nations  reporter on human trafficking , Trafficking in people in conflict situations is not a mere possibility but something that happens on a regular basis.

The result of human trafficking in victim can causes  mental health status, it can be a psychological consequences which can be depression , traumatic or other anxiety disorders, thought of suicide or somatic conditions.



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