Why do We Need to Learn New Languages?

Learning new languages may be hard and frustrating as it requires a lot of time and effort, yet the benefits of being multilingual are endless. The more languages one’s know; the more opportunities one’s can get in life.

When one’s knows many languages, he/she will think in many languages, thus their brain will stay active which will increase their mental sharpness. Also, when one’s knows many vocabularies in different languages, he/she willl be able to describe his/ her feelings or random situations more creatively. In addition, there’ll be increase in job opportunities either locally or abroad if one’s is multilingual. Moreover, knowing many languages allows one to meet new parts of his/her self when speaking a different language. Furthermore, by learning a new language, one’s can discover the endless artworks, novels, books, and sculptures by the native speakers, and dive into the culture of that language exploring the wonderful aspects of it. Also, foreign language study leads to an appreciation and more understanding of cultural diversity and even one’s own culture. When one’s know more languages, he/ she will start to differentiate and compare their native language to other languages and understand its structure and grammar better. As Flora Lewis once said “Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”





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