Social Media Vs. Real Life Conversations

We currently live in a world that is technologically developed, and one of the most powerful technologies is the internet, from which we access social media. However, real life conversations and social media conversations have various similarities and differences.

 Real life conversations and social media conversations are similar in many ways. Friendships can be built in real life, and throughout social media as well, in real life we have the chance of meeting many people, and through social media one’s can get introduced to many random people from different cultures and places. In addition, exchanging information and expressing emotions can happen either in texting or calling another person in any media platform, or it can happen face to face. Moreover, bullying or throwing shade on one another can happen anytime and anywhere, either if its bullying with words or by hand.

Despite of the similarities, conversations in real life and social media share many differences. First, the time we take to collect our thoughts varies, as in social media we are free to exit the chat or video call anytime we want, while in real life one’s give instant answer or reaction without having a lot of time to think. Second, we can express our emotions either in real life or through media, yet the way that we express our feelings is different. In real life, we give facial expressions or we can do dancing moves for example to show how excited we are, while in social media we use emojies and capital letters to express how we feel. Third, the conversation length and limit varies from a conversation face to face or an electronic chat, in a chat one’s take more time to type a message or express how he/she feels because there can be a misunderstanding because one’s can’t get the tone the other person is talking with, but in real life the conversations are faster and more productive. All in all; living in a world full of technology and social media made access to communication huge.


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