The Crowning of Miss World 2019.

  A twenty three years old Toni Ann Singh was crowned has miss world on the 14th December 2019 at the Excel London in London , United Kingdom.
Out of 111 contestants representing other countries , she was crowned as the Miss World. Nlyekachi Douglas, who placed fifth was screaming and jumping with joy when the winner was announced and this moment caught people attention with her reactions towards the winner.
Miss Singh says, she is dreaming and was shocked to have won the 2019 Miss World. she want to use her award to work for sustainable change of women, against the backdrop of the surge in the “ Me Too Movement and also to drive for equality of women.
She says, the biggest part of the competition is the charity work done by winners of beauty pagent.And her priorities is to change the world and do what must be done to make that change happen and possible.
Miss Singh said, the biggest part of competition is Beauty with a purpose , to get thing done , even where there is criticism.
She also believe that women are allowed to be whatever they want, even when you are the type that enjoys getting into gorgeous gowns and getting on stage to advocate for something in your country, then you can have it all, and its perfectly good.


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