Body Language

Body language is an unspoken factor of communication that we use to show and Express feelings and information, it is a type of a nonverbal signals which is transmission of messages or signs, such as physical expressions, attitudes and universal vs culture- specific.

There’s so many symbols for physical expressions like facial expressions that is one of the important examples which explains feelings in a very simple way as a smile can indicate happiness, a frown Express being unapproved or sad .Furthermore, mouth movements and expressions tell plenty of meanings for instance chewing on the bottom of lips indicate feeling worry or fear.

Also, eyes are mentioned to be “window of the soul “ since they are able to show what does a person feel or think, and taking notes of eye movements is an important part of the communication process. Otherwise, our facial definitions may reveal your true emotions to others.

Moreover ,gestures is also another way to present body language directly, for example waving, pointing  and using arms and legs is a really common and easy way to recognize gestures.

There’s another sort of body language just as universal or cultural- specific, cultural specific has a lot of differences like hand shakes for example in Us and Canada firm hand shakes but in The Middle East they do hand shakes with free hand placed on the forearm of the other person.

To sum up, body language effects on your communication and presents your personality which plays an important role in daily communication. So, it is not only supports verbal language but have it’s own voice to show emotions and messages as well, with the differences of meanings depending on cultures, it’s needed to be aware to each of your signals.


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