Real Life Conversation Vs Online

Why do some people prefer real life conversation over social media sites? What are the similarities and the differences between social media conversation and real life conversation? Social media conventions is one of the most common ways of conversation in these days generation, where as, old generations as they find it easier and more expressed easily. Conversation is the most essential thing for human beings mental health, because it is for analyzing, getting information, building relationships and expressing your feelings. Real life conversation and social media have a lot in common as they both ways of interacting with the others. Firstly, one of the similarities is exchanging information for example in real life we can exchange information in a better way because you can get the massage that the sender is giving you with more details and clearly, some people might misunderstood or get confused in social media communication.

Furthermore, we can build relationships through conversations either it is in real life or social media by talking about common beliefs and interests in both ways you can comprise with other person and see if the bond can work between you both and know their personalities and what they like and what they don’t . In addition to solving problems, as it can occur in both ways in real life or through social media since both ways can include own thoughts and manners and through both ways you receive a respond from the other person, and can include arguments or agreements. Also, Expressing feelings is to reveal emotions and to set forth the opinions, it can be by anger or love and that can happen by the two ways of communication as both ways requires you to open up and not hesitate and say what you have to say, also expressed feelings can result in problem solving also. As a result of both ways of communication they are both very similar and have a lot in common. On the other hand, the two types of conversation despite their common things, they differ in many ways like in real life we have more to collect our thoughts and analysis it ,the way of expressing feelings in real life is more clear but limited and shorter usually we use shorter words and symbols to explain feelings in social media sites we can talk about to who ever we want whenever we want because networking made it easier with social media platforms by video calls, phone calls and messages and it is faster to reserve it.


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