Classic Music

Classic music is an art music that means typical and emulated style,it is rooted in the traditions of western culture. Classical music was arisen in the 17th and 19th century, it originated and has gotten it own rules and law in France first in the literature and theatre then in the music. The classic were related to the worship of the ancient Greek god “Apollo” the sun and truth god, they choose Apollo as a symbol for a rational philosophy. Also,Mozart, Bakh and early Beethoven had the classical rational style in music, it has a story that is related to the realism and spontaneity, it describes and expresses the attitude of each human being. Classics also embody distinctive instruments like : piano, harpsichord and organ which are found in the orchestra. Furthermore the classical musical theatre opera was founded by” Lulli”, who created the “Lyrics Tragedy”. The classical changed from the 19th century till the 20th and the 21th century, back then the modern classical era has started between 1905-1999 it had a big difference than what was created several hundred years ago, it was without a dominant style they created new and creative systems as the Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg that used the mathematical theories in making music, but some of the people thought it’s complicated and hard for the audience. Although people are still making classical music even that the way and the topics has changed but it still has it’s own touch and character that discusses the commonality events and common feelings of all people, that’s why we find classical music very popular and close to us


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