Healthy Living

No one can deny that a healthy lifestyle will get you a healthy mindset ,physical and mental health are both related so good health can allow you to avoid illness and improve your quality of life that will help you feel better and live better such as controlling your weight, being in shape, eating healthy balanced food and taking care of your teeth. In addition, exercise is a major key to have a good shape staying healthy also, working out strengthen the bones, heart, lungs and tones muscles, relieves anger and depression and helps you sleep better and wake up early. Moreover, smoking is the main habit that causes death, one out of every five deaths each year is either directly or indirectly caused by smoking. Furthermore, drinking alcohol affects many brain functions, emotions and would cause slower reactions and poor balance. Continuing with this given fact, diet is important to be in a good health choose foods that has low fats and low cholesterol ,also decrease your Intake of sugar and salt and eat more fruits, vegetables and beans it builds muscles and are healthy for your body.

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