Women Abuse In The Middle East

Gender violence is demonstrated as violence towards women is one of the biggest problems the middle east is facing and there should be a radical solution for this case.

violence against women is an international case and it has a major importance because women in the middle east suffer from abuse in multiple ways starting from wars ending inside the family, at least one out of every three women in the world has been beaten, forced,to have sex or has been abused in their life.

Women abuse is more common than you,it is not only physical violence but also lots of other types of violence such as psychological violence e.g insults, to take control, scare and chase someone, also sexual abuse and it concludes any unwanted sexual assault like rape, sexual harassment, women trading, underage marriages, circumcision,marital rape and honor killing, all these named above are forms of women torture.

In this year a lot of abuse cases has happened, one of them is Israa Ghareeb a 21 years old makeup artist from Palestine who got beaten up and killed by her family due to the cause of claiming honor murder this is not the only killing case that has happened this year.

furthermore, in Egypt Aya Abd Alwahab got set on fire by her husband Tammal Ali which led her to death because she could not have children, another crime against women happened in Jordan too , a man took out his wife’s eyes in front of her children with the Argila fire and she was begging him to not do it in front of her kids or just to leave an eye for her to see with it and his excuse was to deform her face to not make her live a normal life without him.

these are just some examples of women abuse, women have been abused since ages and they have a lack of rights in a lot of countries,and because of that the United nations revived in 25 of November 1999 “the International day for the elimination of violence against women ” to increase the consciousness about this case.

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