Life Before and After Technology

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world. It made humans life different, but still there are some things that have not changed. First, traditions and beliefs stayed the same even with the widespread use of technology. Such as; religious beliefs, and the way some people dress in certain countries. Second, families still gather up to talk about important issues or to celebrate certain occasions. Third, some people still buy books and enjoy reading them.

On the other hand, life with technology has different features than life without it. For example, in the past, the way of communication was with the use of birds to send letters or through the mail, and it took days to arrive. While nowadays people use their mobile phones to call or text a person immediately. Also, a while ago people looked up information and news by using books and newspapers only, but today people use the internet to search for information. In Addition, distance learning students cooperate from all around the world rather than in a traditional classroom. In the past, people had digital cameras and not everyone owned one, but nowadays it’s easier to take pictures with the access of cameras from any mobile phone. In short, no one can imagine his/her life without technology because it made everyone’s life easier.


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