Online Shopping Vs. Store Shopping

Online shopping is growing rapidly that the online shopping market size is expected to hit 4 trillion in 2020. However, both online shopping and store shopping differentiate in various ways, yet both in comparison have many points in common.

Both online shopping and store shopping are two faces of one coin, which reflects the idea of having the same things in various ways. First of all, both methods offer a vast selection of items for their customers. Like shopping in stores, mostly any store would have a corresponding online website having similarly most of the items displayed. Moreover, online shopping provides you with many different ways to visualize the products you want giving consumers both ‘interactive and convenient’ ways to shop. Furthermore, let’s move to the favorite part for customers ‘sales and discounts’, are mostly provided in stores and websites of the retailer, with almost the same deals reflecting any available promotions and allowing customers to get gifts, and coupons.

However, together online shopping and in-store shopping share many differences. For instance, whenever you want, wherever you are in the world you can purchase the item you need using online shopping. On the contrary, shopping in store requires specific times in visiting the mall and handling the annoying crowd and noises. In addition, in websites you can compare prices in numerous sites and choose the one you prefer most since plenty of different items are found in the same website. In contrast, comparing prices in shops is more difficult and time consuming. Moreover, online shopping not only demands customers to have a great risk in buying and payment but also risk in online security, online fraud and delivery.

To sum up, both online and store shopping are convenient and enjoyable ways to purchase products. And both methods of shopping have their pros and cons.


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