Studying Abroad Vs. Studying in a Local University

There are many similarities between studying abroad or in a local university, as well as differences. According to a British study, 19% lower unemployment rates were found among study abroad alumni.

A similar thing about studying in a local university or abroad is that they both have the same main reason which is teaching their students and preparing them to the future. Another similarity is that they both have international and national students so people come from all around the world to study even at your local university. Also they almost have the same method of teaching which is exams, assignments, and projects.

There are many differences as well, for example studying in your home country doesn’t make you feel that you are an independent student because you live in your parent’s house and have your food ready when you come back home from college. While when studying abroad you live alone or with your friends and you have more responsibilities, such as; cooking your own food and living on your monthly pocket money that your parents give you. Moreover, studying in your hometown may be cheaper than studying in a different country with a different currency. In short, either you’re studying abroad or in a local university, you’ll find many similarities and differences.


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