Why Do People Commit Suicide?

There are many different reasons and motives to why people decide to end their lives. Suicide can result from mental illness. And other risk factors such as; loss of a loved one or a job, family issues, divorce, a medical condition, guilt for something they have done, or lack of social support. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, depression is the most common reason, its present in about half of all suicides.

 Moreover, Healthline website stated that in a 2014 research, it was shown that asking a person either they are suicidal or not may have a positive effect because it shows the person that someone cares about them and loves them. So one’s should never be afraid to try and help others and ask them directly about their feelings. Also some individuals give signs that they are suicidal, but they go unnoticed.   

In the last 45 years’ suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. And according to Stanford Children’s Health, in 2010, over 38,000 Americans committed suicide, making it the tenth leading cause of death. In short, suicide is becoming a huge issue, thus there should be more awareness about this issue.







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