Why do People Cry?

People express their emotions differently, and cry for different reasons. Some people cry when they’re feeling down, stressed, or happy. When a person is crying because of happiness, the first tear will come out from the right eye. And when it is because of sadness, the first tear will come out from the left eyes. Moreover, crying has many benefits. A 2014 study stated that crying may have a direct, self-soothing effect on people, it helps them relax and calm down. Also, when people cry as a response to stress, the tears that they release has a number of stress hormones and other chemicals that helps a person feel better afterwards. According to MedicalNewsToday, a study in 2015 found out that crying helps babies sleep better.

Furthermore, there are four types of tears. First, the emotional tears that happens when one’s is being overwhelmed by feelings. Second, the basal tears which lubricate one’s eyes and keep them clean. Third, the reflex tears which flows to clean out debris when one’s eyes are irritated by onions or the weather for example. In short, there are many benefits of crying and many types of tears.




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