Converging Journalism

In the introduction part of the article I understand the concept about what he means” New” but in my own opinion I think the writer should have elaborate more on what he means by objective in news stories.   
The article base on Canada news but to my own view , I understand he want the reader to understand what is going on around but in my own perspective , he should have make it more elaborate by explaining some of his concept: Market Power, Family Ownership .
In the article , it talks about the internet, number of people using it and also explain about Google as the most search engine . Out of the four actors of info mediation in the province are Google News ,, and Yahoo! , it was clear to me when he explaining the google news but other concept was not clear enough in my own opinion .
This articles bade on Canada new media, in my own point of view which talks about how company uses media, internet, and concentration of news ownership but in my own opinion I don’t really understand the write up , I only get view idea about what he emphasis on somethings like, how the company uses media, internet and also concentrate on news ownership.


Marc-Olivier Goyette-Côté , Renaud Carbasse & Éric George

To cite this article: Marc-Olivier Goyette-Côté , Renaud Carbasse & Éric George (2012) CONVERGING JOURNALISM, Journalism Studies, 13:5-6, 753-762, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2012.667991

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