Kidnapping in Nigeria

Kidnapping is not a recent concept that has been added  to the list of social  crimes in Nigeria. It is actually a global phenomenon.

In Nigeria, today, the spate of kidnapping is on the increase. According to police, 685 kidnappings occurred nationwide in the first quarter of the year, an average of seven per day. And the government, the society and even the police seem helpless. Relatives of victims pay through their nose to secure the freedom of their loved ones caught in the net of the bullies. The victims no doubt grieve and suffer psychological trauma and the families are put into agonies of indescribable sorts. Generally, people are now afraid of mixing up for the fact that social gatherings, schools and even churches, among others, are vulnerable places for kidnapping wealthy individuals.

Kidnapping generates conditions that further undermine the socio-economic, political, psychological wellbeing and religious security. Moreover, hard drugs, adverse socioeconomic conditions, youth unemployment, social injustice, and frustration arising from social strain, all contribute to the menace of kidnapping in Nigeria.

Furthermore, kidnapping has really affected the social life in Nigeria, when it came to attending social gatherings and simply participating in the everyday social, the amount of people present was decreasing. In addition, kidnapping has also contributed to a very high level of mistrust which caused distance and a gap between the society member. Few people still extend the traditional African hospitality to strangers. Some people do not acknowledge or return greeting by strangers nor oblige strangers asking for direction. Also, most people are unwilling to render help to people in distress for fear of being kidnapped. Few people would venture to stop to assist people calling for help on the express way.


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