Psychological Diseases

Mental disorders and diseases leads to an abnormal changes in the human’s behaviours and acts, in addition to disruption in the ability of a person to control his feelings which leads to strange psychological and behavioural symptoms that negatively affects their life,study,relationships etc.

Mental diseases have many types. Adults and young people can suffer from them and their symptoms by every mental illness differ from the other .

Moreover, mental illnesses can be divided into disorders that affect adults and children, as the diseases that influence the adults are (Depression, Mania, schizophrenia).

Depression is one of the most common types of mood disorders as well as Bipolar disorder, where the person loses his interest in daily activities and affects his thinking , emotions and behaviours. Often the peak of it in the twenties of the persons age , as suicidal thoughts increase with people who suffer from depression or they may have thoughts of killing others.

On the other hand, Mania is an aberrant rise in the mood or turmoil, and it reduce the persons interest in high goal activities and these activities can be social,work related or sex related and an increase in the energy of the person feeling of greatness. These symptoms should continue for a week in order to diagnose them with mania.

Also, Schizophrenia is one of the chronic mental illnesses because the person experience from changes in thinking, feeling, emotions and actions as it can cause social and medical consequences that affects him in a negative way , the symptoms are loss of pleasure in beautiful things, lack of happiness, hallucinations, not getting affected by sad things like laughing at sad thing or seem sad when hearing good news, the person feels empty and loss of interest in social life.


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