The Abuse of Power

The abuse and misuse of power or authority is the course of performing work can occur both with external stakeholders and among staff. The abuse of power is using the vast power of presidency for personal benefit.
In the constitution of the U.S that states that president can be removed from office for bribery and treason or other misdemeanors and high crimes.
Abuse of power was one of the impeachment against president Richard Nixon, who resigned before a full house of vote on the charges which a committed accused him of authorizing tax audits of political opponent on his enemies list.
On the 19th , December 2019, The president of U.S Donald Trump was abuse of power and obstruction of congress and offenses that he should be removed from his office under the standard laid down by the U.S constitution.
In the history of the abuse of power, Trump has to be the third president to face impeachment based as the specific charges that he abuse the power of his office.
The abuse of power charge is centered on the allegation that Trump predicated the release of $391 million of congressional approved military aid to Ukraine and a white house meeting for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy .
Trump has been charged with obstruction of congress based on his stonewalling of the Houses impeachment . The white House has refused to provide documents to congressional investigators.


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