The Drugs Effect On Humans

Drugs are defined as the chemicals that affect the human body and brain. As it influences the way the body works, The effect of the substance differ according to the matter or the chemical in it or the used amount,and other factors relate to the person such as the body size and the health status. Due to that it is hard to know exact effect of drugs in general but usually it is dangerous specially for the youth .

There are many different types of drugs based on their effect and use such as Stimulates belong to the class of drugs that cause less brain activity, and this type of drugs are characterised by the ability to raise the degree of alertness, mood and awareness temporarily as they cause hyperactivity and increase the heart rate. Some stimulates drugs are legal and it is widely used , although these types of steroids have common factors they each have different properties and these drugs could cause addiction in some cases.

Furthermore, Opiods are a powerful pain killers that influence the chemicals in the brain that control the mood ,and some of these opiates are extracted from the opium plant. Other types are made by humans and these materials have the capability to inhibit the control nervous system . Opiods can lead to side effects like drowsiness, nausea and constipation also it may cause slow breathing and even sometimes it would cause death in overdose.

Drug addition is defined as disease that issue the mind and behaviour as the addict cannot resist to use drugs regardless of the amount. And it is important to differentiate between drug abuse and addiction.

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