Videos Games Up Taking On Outdoor Games

      Isn’t it healthier for children to play outdoor rather than staying indoor? Playing is always considered an activity that teaches children how to enjoy the taste of victory or how to accept defeat. In addition to the energy required for both of them, it teaches them to be competitive but in a good way. Although some might think of playing indoor and outdoor to be completely different but they do have some similarities between them.

     Firstly, both of them have a lot of similarities. To start with whether it was playing a video game or running a marathon, both types of activities enhance the health of the children, one helps them improve their physical health while the other helps them improve their mental health. One thing they have in common is that they both help children become more social. Playing outside helps them to get to know other children and form friendships in real life, just like playing video games helps them meet people from all around the world and that helps them to become more social. Something else they have in common is the knowledge the children gain from meeting new people they learn more about the different cultures and traditions.

     On the other hand they also have differences that can differentiate one from the other. One of their differences is that even though both of them help improve the child’s health, playing outdoor is much better considering it helps them release energy, while on the other hand playing indoor is usually used when referring to playing video games. Video games usually teach children laziness, snice all they do is sitting in front of a screen with a control in hand moving only their fingers. Outdoor activities are considered to be an aerobic exercise which helps the child to move their muscles and move their body. In contrast to that playing video games manly consists of staying indoor and that means not moving, not even getting enough vitamins from the sun. Another difference is while some might not see it but playing outdoor is considered to be safer for children. Parents can control who they know and who they interact with. While when playing videogames parents can’t control it that much. As it is well known any online site has a dark side to it, and that also includes video games that are played online, children being the naïve angels they are an easier target for someone who wants to con people so that is why it isn’t safe for them.   

   With all their similarities and differences, they are both important for children, and children need it in order to have fun and fill their empty times and parents should be able to balance it for their kids in healthy way. Also, as a child needs to be active outdoor they also need to stay indoor sometimes and just have a lazy day playing video games. 

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